Streamlining Procurement Processes

Identifying the Pain Points

Coupa provides a multitude of applications to manage their procurement processes. However the applications are not integrated between these systems often leads to inefficient workflows, manual data entry, and a fragmented view of procurement data. This can result in missed opportunities for cost savings, increased risks, and a decline in overall productivity.

As the director of design I was tasked with designing an intergraded experience for Spend Analytics, Sourcing, Risk, Supplier Portal, and Contracts solutions that leveraged project management patterns and AI.

Fragmented Procurement Process

Project Management Approach

Through extensive research and customer feedback, we determined that a project management approach would provide the ideal framework for integrating our multiple products. This approach would allow us to break down the complex task into manageable phases, align stakeholders, and ensure the timely delivery. Our decision was further supported by past customer feedback, which indicated a strong desire for a project management-centric experience that would provide visibility into procurement activities, facilitate collaboration, and streamline decision-making.

Benefits of an integrated procurement
– Eliminate manual processes and automate repetitive tasks, saving time and resources.
– Provide a single source of truth for procurement data, enhancing visibility and decision-making.
– Enhance collaboration among internal teams and external suppliers.
– Identify cost savings opportunities and optimize supplier relationships.
Improve overall procurement performance and reduce risks.

User Interviews



Integration of Standalone Products

The dashboard provides a unified view of procurement data across all five products. The dashboard unifies integration and ability to access information from Spend Analytics, Sourcing, Risk, Supplier Portal, and Contracts without switching between separate applications.

Project Management

From the Dashboard the project manager or Sourcing manager can create a Sourcing Project. Based on the requirements or over-run of spend in a category, the project template comes with a task management system that facilitates, suppliers, risk forms (ESG, GDPR, General information). The task management system displays tasks assigned to team members, 
due dates, and progress tracking.

Coupa Supplier Application

Suppliers log into a separate application to review, complete and submit forms.