Product design leader with over 15+ years experience I have enabled businesses to scale while increasing revenue. I’ve transformed complex systems and processes into simple efficient processes that increased adoption and the bottom line. As a product leader at Dell, Apple and Coupa, I was able to work across Sales, Design, Engineering, Marketing to deliver high value to our customers and increased shareholder value. This was done through an extreme understanding of the customer and organization business model. I led teams that identified areas to automate that allowed customers to achieve their goals faster with less effort. I currently manage a team of six and support 5 global offices.

With over 9 years of experience at Coupa, I played a pivotal role in the company’s tremendous growth from $15 million to $20 billion in market value, with $3 trillion of spend running through the platform.

In my current role as Director of Product Design, I have built and nurtured a design culture, leading to increase of user adoption and significant revenue impact. I excel in simplifying complexity and enabling global teams to ensure customer success.

In my past roles I spearheaded initiatives to decrease operational costs, increase revenue, and simplify complex systems. I developed user research strategies, managed and mentored designers, and championed a user-centered design process across the organization. I provided thought leadership and established a unifying vision for the user experience.

Throughout my career, I have been recognized for my ability to make it simple through strategy, research, design, and development. I have built and led high-performing teams, created new visual language systems, facilitated brainstorming sessions, and gathered requirements. My expertise enables me to deliver exceptional results.